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One of the deepest secrets is that all that is really worth doing is what we do for others

     -Lewis Carroll


Lee Larson


Since age five, working has been the most significant activity of my life. Performing such jobs as being a field hand, mechanic's helper, clerical worker, typist, secretary, teacher and business owner. I found fascinating the challenges of the working life. Later on, I "grew" several businesses and they, in turn, parented me in many ways. 


In all of these jobs, I met and learned from many almost novel-inspiring personalities from lousy bosses to disgruntled co-workers to inspirational leaders and various other heroes who quietly went about their jobs with dignity. I learned about money and profit, and how our system works or doesn't and what it was like to be part of a true team--what the word synergy was all about. 


I have special concern for working people, especially those "lost in the system." I believe that all people should have adequate income and security, housing, healthcare, education and jobs. They deserve to be heard and respected. Further, our national priorities, I think, need to be reordered---given a good overhaul-- including developing a much greater awareness of the abuse of our planetary home. I hope to contribute to this process to a greater extent.


Over the years, I have "searched for meaning" only to discover that it was never lost! Becoming conscious of my connection to all things in the universe was for me a large step in finding out what was at the end of the rainbow. And, I hope to learn better how to selflessly serve others and spread ripples or goodness throughout the universe.


Kathy Chapman Larson


Kathy is the co-founder and Vice President of the Larson Legacy. She had a long background in the travel industry and had grant-making experience with several groups prior to helping start the Larson Legacy with Lee Larson. She had a daughter later in her life and hopes she has instilled in Amy a sense of caring for the world on all levels. Some special areas of interest to Kathy are women and children’s health and abuse, education assistance to lower income students, houseless issues, keeping art and music in public schools and environmental and climate change issues. 


“I like hands-on work and over the years have enjoyed volunteering at some of the organizations we fund. I love seeing in real time the difference our funding can make. After 20+ years I have come to see how even small donations have made lasting changes in people’s lives. I try to find ways, both through the Larson Legacy and as an individual, to leave the world better than I found it. I like that we chose the name “Legacy” as to me it suggests leaving something better, hopeful and lasting for the future.”


David Larson


David is an accomplished author, teacher, and speaker, who’s fluent in Spanish. He regularly teaches medical students and conducts personal growth and leadership seminars, as well as couples workshops. He even has a TED talk to his credit.

As a surfer, yogi, runner, health nut, and life-long learner, Dr. Dave practices what he preaches. Devoted to his family, he resides in Leucadia with his beloved wife, Janna, their 3 sons, and their family of rescue animals.

A native San Diegan, Dr. Dave graduated from Brown University, spent a year in Spain as a teacher and researcher on a Fulbright Fellowship, and then worked in rural India on a grassroots public health program. Following his calling to medicine, he attended the University of Southern California, Keck School of Medicine, in Los Angeles, graduating with the highest distinction and earning the Alpha Omega Alpha merit scholarship.



Rita & Terry Rowan


Amy Larson


Leigh Rowan


Jenny Chapman Flynn

Janna Larson
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