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Berkeley , California

Seva works with local communities in more than 20 countries around the world to develop locally-run, culturally appropriate, self-sustaining programs to increase access to eye care. Seva works with local eye health hospitals and clinics in central Asia, southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, Latin America, and throughout sub-Saharan Africa. The foundation also works with Native communities in North America through its American Indian Sight Initiative.

Project Muso

Berkeley , California

The Muso Project in Mali aims to reduce maternal and child mortality rates through preventative and proactive healthcare. Employing community-health workers, establishing home-based care, and setting up rapid-access clinics are three ways in which the Muso Project seeks to accomplish its goals.


Portland, Oregon

Working to protect abortion access across the country. Ensuring that women can control their own destinies by having access to affordable contraception. Holding anti-choice politicians accountable and demanding lawmakers trust women.

BBH Eye Foundation


BBH Eye Foundation is a nonprofit, humanitarian foundation that supports comprehensive eye care services at no charge to low resource communities in underdeveloped countries.

We work in partnership with local and international organizations that share our values to assure the best possible use of scarce resources and to promote sustainable programs.

We believe good vision and access to eye care is an inherent human right.

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